Monday October 4

Stewart Smith (Physics)

Thursday October 7

Left to Right: James Sturm (Electrical Engineering and PRISM), James Richardson (English and Creative Writing), Kris Miller (Office of Dean of Faculty), Andrea LaPaugh (Computer Science), Yigong Shi (Molecular Biology), Yacine Ait-Sahalia (Economics), Jan Gross (History)

Friday October 8 -- Reception

Chefs Larry and Rob (Dining Services)

Kathy Rohrer (Vice Provost), Tony Dahlen (Geosciences), Elisabeth Dahlen (Tiger Card Office)

Will Happer (Physics and University Research Board)

Monday, October 11

Will Howarth (English)

Wednesday October 13

DPD with Hector Garcia-Molina (member of Computer Science Advisory Council)

University Electrician

Thursday October 14

Bob Pierson (Human Resources)

Boris Altschuler (Physics)

Raj Vinnakota (Trustee)

Kenneth Samuel (Sgt.), Duncan Harrison (Lt.) and Charlie Peters (Investigator) all at Campus Security

Celebration of Amy Gutmann's Inauguration as President of Penn

Kyle Vanderlick (Chemical Engineering) and Eduardo Glandt (Dean of Engineering at Penn)

Judith Scioli Bob Barnett (Vice Provost) and JoAnn Mitchell (President and Chief of Staff at Penn)

Lori Meade and Mary Baum (Development Office)

Bill and Priscilla Russel (Dean of the Grad School)

Howard Ende (former general counsel)

Amy Gutmann (president Penn) with DPD

Jim and Virginia Wei (former Dean School of Engineering and Applied Science) with Neil Rudenstine (Trustee)

Carol Thompson (former member of Dean of Faculty's staff)

Steven Gill (Manager of the Budget)

Lorraine Sciarra (Office of General Counsel)

Karin Trainer (University Librarian) and Bill Stowe

John Sully and Kathy Rohrer (Vice Provost)

Dubby Wynne (Trustee)

John and Betty Leydon (Vice President for OIT)

DPD and Suzanne Gespass (courtesy of Betty Leydon)

Friday October 15

Chang-rae Lee (Creative Writing)

Monday October 18

Marilyn Marks (Editor, Princeton Alumni Weekly)

Tuesday October 19

Leah Targone (OIT)

DOF staff (taken by Leah Targone)

Marsha Gilman (Development Office)

Marsha Gilman with DPD

Thursday October 21

Craig Richmond (OIT)

Tuesday October 26

Sunny Singh Thank You Luncheon at Prospect (DOF Staff)

Wednesday October 27

Chris Vitale and David Wirth (OIT)

Thursday October 28

Left to Right: Edgar Choueiri (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering), Susan Stewart (English), Jonathan Eggenschwiler (Molecular Biology), Gillian Knapp (Astrophysics), Christopher Achen (Politics), David Wood (Chemical Engineering), Cecilia Rouse (Economics and Woodrow Wilson School)