Thursday September 2

Chih-P'ing Chou (East Asias Studies)

Kevin Lehman (Chemistry)

Monday September 13

Cornel West (Religion) and Eddie Glaude (Religion)

DPD with Cornel West (Religion) and Eddie Glaude (Religion)

Tuesday September 14

Stu Orefice (Dining Services)

Kyle Vanderlick (Chemical Engineering)

David Bradford (Economics and Woodrow WilsoN School)

Wednesday September 15

Kevin Brady (Cintas -- the shredding company)

Lin Ferrand, Sandra Gillette and Melinda Matlack (Dean of Faculty Office)

Wednesday September 22

Left to Right: Brent Shaw (Classics), David August (Computer Science), Maria Pino Martin (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering), Susan Fiske (Psychology), Dmitri Tymoczko (Music), Robert Calderbank (Program in Applied and Computational Math, Electrical Engineering and Mathematics), and Angela Creager (History).

Kathy Rohrer (Vice Provost) and Toni Morrison (Council of Humanities)

DPD with Toni Morrison (Council of Humanities)

Thursday September 23

Christian Wildberg (Classics)

Tuesday September 28

Warren Warren (Chemistry)

Thursday September 30

Setting the table

Left to Right: Jorge Sarmiento (Geosciences), Graham Barnett (History), William Bialek (Physics), Pietro Frassica (French and Italian), Esther da Costa Meyer (Art and Archaeology), Ron Weiss (Electrical Engineering)