Tuesday November 2

Willard Peterson (East Asian Studies)

Wednesday November 3

Thanos Panagiotopoulos (Chemical Engineering)

Tuesday November 9

Left to Right: Anne Case (Economics and Woodrow Wilson School), Amy Borovoy (East Asian Studies), Catherine Peters (Civil and Environmental Engineering), Alexander Nehamas (Philosophy and Comparative Literature), Robert Vanderbei (Operations Research and Financial Engineering) and Guy Nordenson (Architecture)

Thursday November 11

Stuart Schwartz (Electrical Engineering)

Tuesday November 16

Left to Right: Gabriela Nouzeilles (Spanish and Portugeese), Samuel Wang (Molecular Biology), Martin Semmelhack (Chemistry), Olga Hasty (Slavic Languages and Literatures), Claire Gmachl (Electrical Engineering) and Sheldon Garon (History)

Thursday November 18

Ken Steiglitz (Computer Science), Mike Honig (visiting Electrical Engineering) and Steve North *86.

Tuesday November 23

David Howell (East Asian Studies and History)

Anne McCauley (Art and Archaeology), Hal Foster (Art and Archaeology) and Esther da Costa Meyer (Art and Archaeology)

Wednesday November 24

Marta Tienda (Sociology and Woodrow Wilson School)

Patrick Bolton (Economics)

Jose Scheinkman (Economics)

Monday November 29

Carol Greenhouse (Anthropology)