Wednesday December 1

The shredder man

paper to shred

Thursday December 2

Joyce Carol Oates (Creative Writing), Warren Warren (Chemsitry), Adele Goldberg (Linguistics), Liz Gavis (Molecular Biology), Stan Katz (Woodrow Wilson School) and Kai Li (Computer Science)

John Ikenberry (Politics and Woodrow Wilson School)

Wednesday December 8

Victoria McGeer (University Center for Human Values and Philosophy)

Robert Full (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering job candidate)

Thursday December 9 (Faculty Lunch)

Perry Cook (Computer Science and Music), Emily Carter (Program in Applied and Computational Math and Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering), Maria Chudnovsky (Mathematics), Jeff Dolven (English), Elaine Pagels (Religion), Alan Krueger (Economics and Woodrow Wilson School), and Rena Lederman (Anthropology)

Monday December 13

John Hopfield (Molecular Biology)

Tuesday December 14

John Dabiri (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering job candidate)

Chris Floudas (Chemical Engineering)

Anson Rabinbach (History)

Wednesday December 15

Szymon Suckewer (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering)

Monday December 20

Martin Cherkes (Economics)

Suzanne Pures (Development)

Mary DeLorenzo (Provost's Office)