May 1 -- Behrman Dinner

DPD and Suzanne Gespass

Eve Ascheim and John Yao

P. Adams Sitney (Visual Arts) and Christine Stansell (History and Humanities Council)

Froma Zeitlin (Classics) and Michael Wood (English)

Karin Trainer (University Librarian), Bob Fagles (Comparaive Literature), Bill Stowe

Bob and Lynne Fagles

Eva and Lionel Gossman

Tuesday, May 4

Left to Right: Ryan Teising '04, Chanakya Sethi '07, Joe Barillari '04, Matt Margolin '05, Sarah Dobkin '06, Amy Seng '04

Jane Curry (Physical Planning)

Anne St. Mauro (Physical Planning)

Wednesday, May 5

Kofi Agawu (Music)

Thursday, May 6

Chris Eisgruber (Provost-designate)

Left to Right: Elizabeth Armstrong (Woodrow Wilson School and Sociology), Charles Beitz (Politics), Michael Cook (Near Eastern Studies), Suzanne Staggs (Physics), Hank Farber (Economics), Leora Batnitzky (Religion), Chang-Rae Lee (Creative Writing), Andrew Appel (Computer Science)

Wednesday, May 12

Eugenia (Coe) Evans (Housing Office)

Lorrie McGough (Real Estate Office)

Wednesday, May 19

Carol Armstrong (Art and Archaeology and Program in Women and Gender)

Thursday, May 20

Eduardo Cadava (English)

Bob Cava (Chemistry)

Tuesday, May 25 (C/3 dinner)

The servers

The chefs

The organizers

The carrots and asparagus

Thursday, May 27

Mark Hanson (English)

Saturday, May 29

David Spergel (Astrophysics)

Bob Gunning (Mathematics) and Wanda Gunning

Erik Sorensen (Chemistry) and wife

Sunday, May 30

Paul Dimaggio (Sociology) and Carol Mason

Stephen White (University Chaplin) and Kathy Rohrer (Vice Provost)

JoAnn Mitchell (Vice Provost), Pete McDonough (General Counsel) and Maureen Nash (VP for Human Resources)