April 1

Dave Srolovitz (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and PRISM)

Sankaran Sundaresan ( Cehmical Engineering), Karen Bennett (Philosophy) and Daniel Heller-Roazen (Comparative Literature) seated and Ben Ellman (East Asian Studies and History), Bonnie Bassler (Molecular Biology), Sanjeev Kulkarni (Electrical Engineering) and Alan Blinder (Economics) standing.

April 7

Margaret Miller

Andrew Gossen

Leslie Jennings

April 8

Val Smith (English and African-American Studies)

Philip Pettit (Politics)

April 13

Mike Jennings (German), Hal Foster (Art and Archaeology), Shirley Tilghman (President), Stan Allen (Architecture), Susan Taylor (Art Museum) and Paul Dimaggio (Sociology)

April 14

Michael Oppenheimer (Woodrow Wilson School and Geosciences), Peter Schaefer (Religion), Eldar Shafir (Psychology), Ken Steglitz (Computer Science), Alastair Wright (Art and Archaeology), and Yin Lu (Julie) Young (Civil and Environmental Engineering)

April 15 -- Awards Luncheon

Lorraine Post

Nita Cherry

Nita Cherry, Kris Miller, Lorraine Post

Nita Cherry, Kris Miller, David Dobkin, Lorraine Post

April 21

Suzan Wolfson (English)

April 22

Jeff Herbst (Politics and Woodrow Wilson School), Tom Funkhouser (Computer Science), Allen Rubin (Geosciences), Tamsen Wolff (English), Mirjam Fried (Slavic Languages and Literatures), Sandra Gillette (Dean of Faculty Office) and Joao Biehl (Anthropology)

Frank Wojciechowski (University Photographer)

April 27 -- Lunch with the artists

Penelope Tang '04

Rosanna M Da Costa '06

Maia K. Schweizer '04

April 28 -- Faculty Lunch

Aissata Sidikou-Morton (French and Italian), Su Fredrich (Visual Arts), John Fleming (English), Molly Greene (History), Clarence Rowley (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering), Larry Bartels (Politics and Woodrow Wilson School) and Jeanne Altman (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)

April 29

Yoshiaki Shimizu (Art and Archaeology)

Jim Sturm (Electrical Engineering and PRISM)

April 30

Andrew Appel (Computer Science)