March 4

Faculty Lunch

Sukru Hanioglu (Near Eastern Studies), Amaney Jamal (Politics), Linda Colley (History), Shivaji Sondhi (Physics), Anne Treisman (Psychology), Bernard Chazelle (Computer Science), Ze'eva Cohen (Theater and Dance)

Marcia Snowden (Assistant to the President)

March 8

Dean Karlin (Economics and Woodrow Wilson School)

Michele Brown, Bernard Chazelle, Ken Steiglitz and Perry Cook (Computer Science)
March 10

David Stern (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology), Erik Sorensen (Chemistry), Harriet Flower (Classics), Anthony Appiah (Philosophy and the Center for Human Values), Brigid Doherty (German), Margaret Martonosi (Electrical Engineering)
March 24

Lorrie McGough (Real Estate Office)

Chad Klaus (Facilities)

Chris McCrudden (Treasurer)
March 30

Brent Tomlinson (Princeton Alumni Weekly)