June 2 -- Dubby Wynne, Trustee of Princeton University

June 4 -- Ginger Zakian (Molecular Biology)

Lunch with Academic Manager's Group Steering Committee

Left to Right: Deborah Smith (Geology), Kate Fischer (NES -- Program), Dale Grieb (Chemical Engineering), Judith Ferszt (American Studies), Kathleen O'Neill (NES -- Department), Michael Andal (PMI), Paul LaMarche (Physics), Carol Zanca (Anthropology), Judy Hanson (History), Anna Faiola (Philosophy), Kathy DiMeglio (Visual Arts)

Anne Marie Slaughter (Dean, Woodrow Wilson School)

June 5 -- Stan Allen (Dean, School of Architecture)

Lunch with Dan Marlow (Physics)

Chairs of departments in SEAS

Left to Right: Lex Smits (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering), Pablo Debenedetti (Chemical Engineering), Peter Jaffe (Civil and Environmental Engineering), Peter Ramadge (Electrical Engineering) and Erhan Cinlar (Operations Research and Financial Engineering).

June 9 -- Andras Hamori (Near Eastern Studies)

June 10 Scott Burnham (Music)

Marilyn Ham (Department Manager, Music)

June 11 -- Sandie Bermanm (Comparative Literature)

June 12 -- Karin Trainer (University Librarian)

June 15 -- Maria Klawe (Dean, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences)

June 18 -- with Meg Whitman (University Trustee)

June 18 -- with Paul Wythes (University Trustee)

June 25 -- Ravin Bhatt (Electrical Engineering and Director, MRSEC)

June 25 -- Martha Himmelfarb (Religion)

June 30 -- The Nassau Hall crowd

Joe Taylor (James McDonnell Distinguished University Professor of Physics and former Dean of the Faculty)

Amy Gutmann (Provost)