Starting the job

July 1 -- with my staff

From left to right: Toni Turano, Sandy Johnson, Kris Miller, Lin Ferrand, Karen Mink, Isabel Thompson, Nita Cherry, David Dobkin, Jane Forder, Lorraine Post, Sandra Gillette, Melinda Matlack

July 2

Andrea Kane (photographer for Princeton With One Accord)

Bill Russel (Dean of the Graduate School)

Maureen Nash (VP for Human Resources)

Shirley Tilghman (President)

July 3

Tom Shenk and Lynn Enquist (Molecular Biology)

Larry Peterson (Computer Science)

July 7

Michael Wood (English)

July 8

Walter Griffin (Prospect House)

Brian McDonald (VP for Development)

Angel Loureiro (Spanish and Portuguese Languages and Cultures)

July 9

Marie-Helene Huet (French and Italian)

Betty Leydon (VP OIT)

Scott Tremaine (Astrophysical Sciences)

July 14

Michael Jennings (Germanic Languages and Literatures)

July 15

James Boon (Anthropology)

Stuart Schwartz (Electrical Engineering)

July 16

Tony Dahlen (Geoscience)

George McLendon and Steve Bernasek (Chemistry)

Bob Tignor (History)

July 17

Robby George (Politics)

Vince Poor (Electrical Engineering)

Sue Naquin (East Asian Studies)

July 18

Mike McKay (VP for Facilities)

Caroline Clancy (Real Estate)

July 21

Charles Kalmbach (Senior Vice President for Administration)

Caryl Emerson (Slavic Languages and Literatures)

Grace Kehoe (former secretary, Computer Science)

Al Sinisgalli (Vice Provost)

July 22

Tom Wright (Vice President and Secretary)

Sandy Barbu (Office of Vice President and Secretary)

Nancy Malkiel (Dean of the College)

Stephen Macedo (University Center for Human Values and WWS)

Hank Farber (Economics and WWS)

Alejandro Portes (Sociology)

July 30

Tom Roche (English)

Robert Durkee (Vice President for Public Relations)

July 31

JoAnn Mitchell and Steven Gill (Vice Provosts)