May 1 -- Lunch with some humanities chairs

Left to Right: Josh Ober (Classics and UCHV), Pat Brown (Art and Archaeology), Jeff Stout (Religion), Angel Loureiro (Spanish and Portugal), Sue Naquin (East Asian Studies), Sandie Bermann (Comparative Literature)

May 6 -- Lunch with the Humanities Council

Left to Right: (seated) Leonard Barkan (CompLit), Marina Brownlee (Spanish), Carol Rigolot (Executive Director); (standing) Michael Cook (NES), Michael Jennings (GLL), Carol Armstrong (Art and Archaeology), Christine Stansell (History ), Edmund White (Creative Writing), Tony Grafton (History), Andrew Ford (Classics).

May 7 -- Lunch with George McLendon (Chemistry)

May 14 -- Lunch with Gene Grossman (Economics)

May 15 -- Lunch with Jeff Herbst (Politics)

May 15 -- Dinner with the Search Committee

Front: Shirley Tilghman ; Left to Right: Peter Jaffe (Civil and Environmental Engineering), Tony Dahlen (Geosciences), Bo Honore (Economics) Suzanne Staggs (Physics), Phil Nord (History)

May 22 -- Lunch with others on the Search Committee

Left to Right: Michael Wood (English), Caryl Emerson (Slavic Languages and Literatures), Shirley Tilghman

May 22 -- Coffee with Dan Rubenstein (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology)

May 28 -- The last search committee member

Kathy Rohrer (Vice Provost)

May 29 -- Lunch with Nick Katz (Mathematics)

Mike Rothschild (Woodrow Wilson School and Economics) on campus

Meeting in Molecular Biology

Left to Right: Tom Shenk, Sharon Cohen, Jim Broach

Martin Collcutt (East Asian Studies and History) at Cafe Vivian

May 30 -- Lunch with Debbie Prentice (Psychology)