January 5, 2005

Dan Garber (Philosophy)

Molly Baker (Dean of Faculty)

Ted Cox (Molecular Biology)

January 18, 2005

Ben Elman (East Asian Studies and History)

Walter Lippincott (Princeton University Press)

January 18, 2005

Mike Jennings (German), Eduardo Cadava (English), Hal Foster (Art and Archaeology)

Beatriz Colomina (Architecture)

Walter Hinderer (German)

Froma Zeitlin (Classics and Comparative Literature and Judaic Studies)

Janaury 24, 2005

Liz Ebel (Development)

Michael Cadden (Theater and Dance), David Dobkin (Dean of Faculty)

David Dobkin (Dean of Faculty), Jeff Sanderson ('81)

January 25, 2005

Tom Button ('87), David Dobkin (Dean of Faculty), David Treadwell ('89), Liz Ebel (Development)

Beth Lind (Development), Jeff Wilke ('89)

David Dobkin (Dean of Faculty), Shirley Tilghman (President), Jeff Bezos ('86)

January 26, 2005

David Dobkin (Dean of Faculty), Temp Keller ('98)

Josh Ober (Classics and University Center for Human Values)

Ray Chen ('86), Tom Kessler ('86), Paul Haahr ('90), David Dobkin (Dean of Faculty)

January 28, 2005

David Dobkin (Dean of Faculty), Derek Lidow ('73), Diana Lidow (s'73), Shirley Tilghman (President)