October 1

Camilo Azcarate (Ombudsperson's Office)

October 2

Herman Ermolaev (Slavic Languages and Literature)

Abraham Udovitch (Near Eastern Studies)

October 3

Chef Rob

Peter Jaffee (Civil and Environmental Engineering)

Peter Ramadge (Electrical Engineering)

Erhan Cinlar (Operations Research and Financial Engineering)

Simon Levin (Ecology and Environmental Biology)

October 14

Lin Ferrand (Associate Dean of the Faculty) and Lila Fredenburg (HR Librarian)

October 15

Diane Jones (Office of government affairs)

Doug Massey (Socioloy and Woodrow Wilson School)

October 16

Laurel Cantor and Lauren Robinson-Brown (Publications Office)

October 20

Ann Halliday (Office of the Vice President and Secretary)

Starry Schor (English)

October 23

Maria DiBattista (English)

October 27
Tom Tresize (French and Italian)

October 28

Lorraine Sciarra and Mary Idzior (Office of the General Counsel)

Sandy Johnson (Associate Dean of the Faculty)