November 4 -- the first faculty lunch

setting the table for the participants

Steve Gubser (Physics), Kyle Vanderlick (Chemical Engineering), Rachel Gabara (Comparative Literature), Eduardo Cadava (English), Volker Schroeder (French and Italian), Danny Kahneman (Psychology and WWS) and Sharad Malik (Electrical Engineering)

November 10 -- the second faculty lunch

Peter Singer (University Center for Human Values), Deborah Yashar (Politics and Woodrow Wilson School), Maria Garlock (Civil and Environmental Engineering), Nancy Bermeo (Politics), Thomas Leisten (Art and Archaeology), Jordan Ellenberg (Mathematics), and Sankar Muthu (Politics)

and later that day, tea with some librarians

Wangyal Shawa, Paula Matthews, Adriana Popescu and Bobrey Bordelon

November 11

Frank Farkas, the clock repairman

Yaw Nyanin

took this new picture of my staff

and later that day, I met with the folks from Hellenic Studies

Dimitri Gondicas (Hellenic Studies) and Peter Brown (History and Hellenic Studies)