Tuesday December 2 -- Faculty Lunch

Left to Right: Michael Doran (Near Eastern Studies), Moses Charikar (Computer Science), Mark Greenberg (Philosophy), Naomi Leonard (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering), Eddie Glaude (Religion), Gyan Prakash (History) and Michael Wachtel (Slavic Languages and Literatures)

Thursday December 4

George Philander (Geosciences)

Eve Ascheim (Visual Arts)

Student Lunch

Left to Right: Sarah Dobkin (English), Amv Widdowson (Politics or History or WWS), Calida Motley (Sociology), Ed Davisson (CEE), Jessis Yu (Molecular Biology), Erik Lillethun (Computer Science) and Laura Haas (English) (all class of 2006).

Tuesday December 9

Tom Funkhouser (Computer Science)

Thursday December 11 -- Faculty Lunch

Left to Right: Beatrix Colomina (Architecture), Michaela Hau (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology), Wendy Heller (Music), Ronnie Sircar (Operations Research and Financial Engineering), Alan Mann (Anthropology), Marina Brownlee (Spanish and Portugese Languages and Cultures), and David Howell (East Asian Studies and History)

Jeremy Adelman (History)

Hisashi Kobyashi (Electrical Engineering)

Monday December 15

Stanley Corngold (Germanic Languages and Literatures)

Monday December 22

Nigel Smith (English)