Pictures of David Dobkin
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In September, 2000 Jared Kramer won the award for the outstanding junior. Here are some pictures from the event

In October, 1998 the Princeton Weekly Bulletin sent Susan Geller to take a picture of me standing while waiting to sit in the Goldman chair.
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With my brother doing our Smith Brothers imitation. These are small ones, click on them and they get bigger

June, 1997 at the Dead Sea

Halloween, 1995

September, 1995

December, 1994

In Morocco March, 1986

This picture was taken during my early professional years as an Assistant Professor at Yale. Click on the image and it gets bigger (and even more frightening)

May, 1969 after spending formative years at college.

Around this time I also met the King

These are pictures of me with my first beard

September, 1966 as an impressionable youth getting ready to start college