Pictures of David Dobkin and Family

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Last changed November 20, 2001

Kid's school pictures, Fall, 2001

Sarah's notoriety

Kid's school pictures, Fall, 2000

Somehow Sarah's picture is AWOL.

Jane went with the Kramer's to Times Square for New Year's eve. Click here to see the details

Kid's school pictures, Fall, 1999

We went to the Mulvey's for dinner and John had a new digital camera

One day, Benjamin decided to build a PlayDoh city

School pictures of the kids Fall, 1998

Around this time, they made the vegetarians pose with the fish we caught.

Sarah and Jane's quilt from Town Topics June 17,1998

Benjamin before and after his haircut, April, 1998

Suzanne and David went to the Pirelli bash February, 1998

School pictures of the kids Fall, 1997

To see pictures of Michelle's wedding, November 1, 1997, click here

And here is how we looked when we were getting ready for the wedding

We had to dig up the sidewalk, so we put Jane to work... September, 1997

These are the real pictures of our summer, August, 1997

Liverpool, Nova Scotia ...... Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia

Bar Harbor, Maine ...... Saint Andrew's, New Brunscwick

These are the new summer pictures of Benjamin
these are pictures of the family before and after Benjamin
July, 1993 August, 1997

Uncle Larry and Family came to visit for Thanksgiving, 1996

First and Last days of school 1996

PIctures from 1995 -- These aren't thumbnails, they're the real thing