The paper roll dinosaur is inspired by David's children. Child care situations are the best dumpster divers David has ever seen. They are able to take any discarded material and through the excitement and creativity of children turn them into art. David sees the Dumpster Divers as an adult version of the nursery schools his children have attended.

Most recently, he has been motivated by watching his son Benjamin and his 3 year old friends create design from toilet paper rolls. This inspired David to collect enough rolls to make the dinosaur you see as well as sculptures of the members of his family. Benjamin was a partner in the creation. He suggested a T.Rex rather than a Stegasaurus. He also identified the proper construction of the dinosaur's tongue.

The piece is meant as a celebration of recycling and of the creative powers of children. We all have in our households and our neighbors' trash, the materials needed to make elegant pieces of art.