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T. Rex

1998, Mixed Media

David P. Dobkin (1948 - ) American

In this bold and dramatic sculpture, we see Dobkin at his best. The application of thick hollow tubes evinces the ponderous, prehistoric enormity of Rex, while the use of colored paper clips conveys the lithe, flexible agility needed to capture prey. The artist is playing with our senses, imploring us at once to embrace size and to eschew it, to appropriate ephemera and to dismiss them. To mediate these two opposing forces, Dobkin incorporates a cork in a superanterior position binding the work into a totality representing the Zeitgist of his time. The tonality of tan is total. The artist, in acknowledging his debt to his son, reveals a sensitivity and trust unique among sculptors of the late 20th Century, but which is a dominant theme in the entire Dobkin oeuvre.

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From Mon May 11 09:00:13 1998
From: Margaret Martonosi
Date: Mon, 11 May 1998 09:00:08 -0400
To: dpd@CS.Princeton.EDU
Subject: dumpster dinosaur...

Hi David-

We were down in Philadelphia yesterday and ended up briefly in the Philadelphia Free Library. Near the lobby we looked through an exhibit that included your dumpster divers dinosaur.

The group/exhibit weren't very well-explained, but it was a fascinating find anyway. Did you expect any Princetonians to discover your art in this way? Or is this someone else impersonating you?