June 1, 2009

Meryl Streep (honorary degree recipient), Jeff Nunokawa (English)

David Dobkin (Dean of Faculty), Meryl Streep (honorary degree recipient)

David Dobkin (Dean of Faculty), Alice Waters (honorary degree recipient)

June 2, 2009

Denise Applewhite (Communications), Ruth Stevens (Communications), John Jameson ('05 and Communications)

Alice Waters (honorary degree recipient), Jeff Nunokawa (English)

Alice Waters (honorary degree recipient), Suzanne Gespass (partner)

Alice Waters (honorary degree recipient), Sanjeev Kulkarni (Electrical Engineering)

Alice Waters (honorary degree recipient), Sharad Malik (Electrical Engineering)

Varun Mehra (visitor), Alice Waters (honorary degree recipient), Jane Dobkin ('10)

Ruby Dee (honorary degree recipient)

Michael Cadden (Theater and Dance), Meryl Streep (honorary degree recipient)

Meryl Streep (honorary degree recipient), Irv Glassman (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and honorary degree recipient)

Jane Dobkin ('10), Meryl Streep (honorary degree recipient)

Sanjeev Kulkarni (Electrical Engineering), Meryl Streep (honorary degree recipient), Sandie Bermann (Comparative Literature)

Toni Turano (Dean of Faculty)

Lianne Sullivan-Crowley (Human Resources), Jeff Nunokawa (English)

David Dobkin (Dean of Faculty), Jose Huizar (Trustee)

Sir Gordon Wu (Trustee)

Frank Moss ('71 and Trustee)

Peter Wendell ('72 and Trustee), Eric Schmidt ('76 and Trustee)

Matt Margolin ('05 and Trustee), Meaghan Petersack ('08 and Trustee)

Paul Muldoon (Creative Writing and Lewis Center for Creative and Performing Arts)

Steven Healy (Public Safety), Deborah Blanks (Religious Life), Donald Reichling (Public Safety)

Stu Orefice (Dining Services), Shana Weber (Facilities)

Edwin Rodas (Facilities)