August 3, 2009

Celia Chazelle (TCNJ and partner), Al Kandell (Albert C. Wagner Correctional Facility), Andrew Nurkin (Pace Center), Gillian Knapp (Astrophysics), Kiki Jamieson (Pace Center and Politics)

August 6, 2009

Susan Giranda (Dean of Faculty)

Nita Cherry (Dean of Faculty)

Randy Setlock (Vice Presdent and Secretary)

Left to right: Front row: Stephanie Cooke (Dean of Faculty), Susan Giranda (Dean of Faculty), Toni Turano (Dean of Faculty), Kris Miller (Dean of Faculty) Middle row: Mary Baum (Dean of Faculty), Joan Girgus (Psychology and Dean of Faculty), Sandy Johnson (Dean of Faculty), June Eige (Dean of Faculty), Nita Cherry (Dean of Faculty) Back row: Ryan Hays (Dean of Faculty), Megan McCourt (Dean of Faculty), Jennifer Widdis (Dean of Faculty), Sandra Gillette (Dean of Faculty), David Dobkin (Dean of Faculty)

August 10, 2009

James Steward (Art Museum)

August 12, 2009

Elaine Richards (Human Resources)

August 13, 2009

Charles Sneath ('09)

August 18, 2009

Michael Koortbojian (Art and Archaeology)

Ryan Morrill ('10)