December 1, 2005

Sean Wilentz (History)

Phil Holmes (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and PACM)

YuanYuan Zhou (*00)

Panos Papadopoulos (Civil and Environmental Engineering job candidate)

December 7, 2005

Devah Pager (Sociology), Bill Jordan (History), Tom Palfrey (Economics and Politics), Rick Register (Chemical Engineering), Barbara White (Music), Virginia Kwan (Psychology), Saeed Travazoie (LSIIG and Molecular Biology)

December 8, 2005

Fred Dryer (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering)

Francois Rigolot (French and Italian)

Joel Cooper (Psychology)

December 12, 2005

Andrew Moravcsik (Politics), Gene Grossman (Economics and Woodrow Wilson School), Joe Scott (Athletics), Mike Mahoney (History), Hal Feiveson (Woodrow Wilson School)

December 20, 2005

Jim Wei (Chemical Engineering)